Greenville Medical Centers

Greenville is the health, entertainment, and educational hub of North Carolina's Tidewater and Coastal Plain and in 2008 was listed as the Tenth Largest City in North Carolina. In medical centers, Greenville is well positioned, having the Pitt Memorial Hospital, which is one of the four academic medical centers in North Carolina. This Hospital hosts over 1700 licensed medical providers and serves the 1.2 million residents.

Greenville, being one of the largest in health care culture in the state of North Carolina has his own Medical District, hosting medical offices and clinics as well as the hospital and university teaching facilities on Greenville's west side. The East Carolina Heart Institute is currently open and is the provider of 250 jobs at the hospital along with a state-of-the-art six floor facility.

The medical centers in Greenville have been increasing in numbers since the last decade due to the creation of the Medical District, offering a large variety of medical services and private practices.

To mention some of the new facilities and private practices that the Medical District of Greenville is hosting, we have the Barfield Chiropractic Health Center, a center dedicated to Chiropractic consults, the fertilization center, equipped with modern facilities to perform the InVitro fertilization process, the male medical center Lynn Borchert, and the Pediatric Center Sheila Bhagwandass, highly rated and recommended.

With all these features and as said before, Greenville is a terrific place not just to live but also is a great choice at the time of choosing for a medical institution, whether you are a native Greenville citizen or just looking for a place to fulfill your medical needs.